I Dropped My Cell Phone In The Toilet … Now What?

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It’s never a good day when you drop your smartphone in a puddle of water, the sink, or – even worse – the toilet. The steps you take immediately after this happens can be all that determines whether your phone survives its swim, or if it becomes a really nice paperweight.

  • First, turn your smartphone off. It can be so tempting to look at different functions and see if the phone is still functioning normally, but this is incredibly harmful to your wet phone. Keeping it on too long without even opening apps can be all that stands between life and death for your phone.
  • Take off all covers, cases, and open all ports if you are able. Keeping your phone as open as possible to air out is very important. The sooner all of it can dry out completely, the better.
  • Pay close attention to the most important spots on your phone. Focus on things like the charger area, and the earphone, earpiece, and microphone ports. These are the spots that need to be dry first and as thoroughly as possible. At this point, you could use a can of compressed air to try to dry out these areas, or a pipe cleaner can also be used if you have one.
  • As soon as possible, put your phone into a bowl of rice. Yes folks, this trick really does work. The rice draws the moisture out of those hard to reach places, and can help to get your phone dry quickly. Patience is important – keeping your phone in the bowl of rice for a day or two is never a bad idea, just to make sure it is as dry as possible. Silica gel packets can also be used during this step, as they draw out moisture as well.
  • When you’re sure the phone is as dry as possible, turn it back on. Don’t turn your smartphone back on too early. Check it over to see if there is any remaining visible liquid anywhere. If there is, you can always use more compressed air to try to dry it out, or put it back in the bowl of rice. Turning the phone back on only when you can’t see any more moisture will be the best way to see if there will be long-lasting damage. Note: NEVER use a hair dryer or heat of any kind when trying to dry out your phone. This has the potential to not only damage the internal components, but can also meld different components together, causing even more severe damage.
  • If your phone needs to be sanitized at all, very carefully use antibacterial wipes on the surface, taking care to avoid the sensitive port areas if possible. Paper towels are good to keep nearby to wipe off any residue from the wipes.

Following these steps could be enough to keep your phone functional after its swim! If you do in fact need to fix or replace your current device, any progress made from following these steps might save your phone or get you a better trade-in value.

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