Afraid Of Getting Your Cell Phone Repaired?


I work with my buddy once in awhile in Mission Viejo, CA helping fix iPads, iPhones and smartphones.  We were talking about why more people aren’t getting their smartphones, iPads and iPhones fixed as opposed to getting a new one.  It is so much cheaper.  He provides a lifetime warranty on all the parts that he replaces and they are original OEM parts, so it isn’t that.  I think it is fear that keeps folks from fixing smartphones.

This is what we came up with:

1) Fear of voiding the warranty

Please read the fine print.  Most of the repairs we see are broken screens (accidental damage) and most of the phones we repair are Samsung smartphones or iPhones. The one-year limited warranty doesn’t cover those types issues anyway.  So, your warranty is of no help.  Most companies like Verizon, AT&T etc will try to get you to purchase a new phone if you call them to discuss is rather than repairing it. So, beware!

Just be sure that you take it to a shop that offers a warranty on the parts that they replace like my buddy does. You will find it costs less to fix than it is to replace it!

2) Fear of the cost

There is a misconception that fixing your smartphone, iPad or iPhone will be super expensive.  It isn’t! Call around to see how much it is to fix your phone.  The average price to fix an iPhone 6 is around $159. Think about how much you paid for your iPhone 6.  The time it takes to fix most repairs is 1 hour or less.  We live on our phones! Getting your device repaired is soooo worth it.

If you have insurance or if you are considering it, check to see what your deductible is on the warranty covered repair.  If you have insurance on this phone, your yearly cost of insurance plus deductible make it way more expensive than going to your local cell phone repair shop and getting it fixed.  You may want to rethink insurance vs. saving up for a repair.

3) Fear of getting ripped off and shady repair shops

There are going to be turds in the punch bowl in any small business niche who rip people off. Thank goodness for Yelp and other social media right?! Don’t let your mistrust of repair shops keep you from getting your devices fixed.

Find someone local (who wants to drive 50 miles to get their phone fixed anyway), that is well known in the community, and that has great online reviews. Also, check word of mouth referrals. These cell phone repair shops are usually independently owned and they are feeding their families with their business.  They aren’t going to want to rip people off – they wouldn’t be in business long if they did.

4) Fear that the shop techs are not certified or do not have a license

First of all, you are probably right.  Most do not have certifications or a license.  This is because none are required.  You can find places that train technicians in cell phone, smartphone, iPhone, iPad repairs and probably give certificates, but who knows what the piece of paper really means.

Most of us are self-taught and  well… have a knack for it.  We learn from each other and under someone until we can do it ourselves.  I am sure you know “those kind of people” who just get it. They can fix anything and love to do it.  Learning to fix all of our gadgets and devices are no different than anything else.  Some repairs are easier than others and some phones are easier than others. You will see that there are certain shops that will only fix iProducts.  Some will fix HTC and some wont. But, all in all, if you are a “Mr. or Ms. Fix It”, you will understand that certifications and license are not necessary.

Again, take advantage of social media – check out Yelp, Facebook and other online review sources before you decide on a cell phone repair shop to go to.

5) NO FEAR WHERE THERE SHOULD BE SOME:  I will fix it myself. 

This is like fingernails on a chalkboard to shop owners.  You have no idea how many people watch a DIY fix your iPhone broken screen on YouTube, buy some cheap parts from China and try to fix it themselves. When we see someone with a bag full of parts and a half put together cell phone, we know what you have been up to!

Like I said above, it doesn’t take a Mensa to repair these devices, but it does take time and patients. If you don’t do it for a living, you probably aren’t up for it. It can be super frustrating.  Like having a professional clean your carpets, or groom your dogs …. let an expert fix your broken phone.

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