Selling Your Old Cell Phone For Some Holiday Money


Whether you want to sell an old cell phone laying around or you are wanting to sell the phone you are using now, there are many ways to go about doing it. You have the option of getting cash immediately or waiting a week to get your money, either way you should do some research as to who will offer you the most for your phone. You also need to keep in mind the condition your phone is in, that will determine how much money you will get for it. Also, if you have a phone that is over 5 years old, you probably won’t get much for it. Even if your phone is old and outdated or it isn’t in perfect condition there are many charity organizations that can still use those phones, although you may not get any money for them but you will be doing something good for your fellow man.

If you still have your receipt you could go back to the place you bought your phone from, they may not hand out cash though, usually you will get credit towards another phone or a gift card for the store. Apple will pay for old iPhones, ipads, and laptops with an Apple gift card. With Best Buy you can sell your phone online, or go to one of their stores and get a Best Buy gift card. Gamestop is a gaming store but they offer cash for your old cell phones, ipads, and any gaming device such as a Wii or an Xbox, and they offer pretty competitive rates as well. Eco-ATM is a kiosk located in malls all across the country and it offers immediate cash for your cell phone, if you go on their website you can find a location near you.

With USell, YouRenew, and Gazelle they offer free shipping to send them your phone and they will pay you via check or through PayPal in a week, they also offer pretty competitive trade in rates. If you choose to sell through Gazelle, they will make a donation of 15% of the trade in price to an amazing charity organization called Cell Phones For Soldiers. The organization supplies cell phones and calling cards to men and women in the military to be able to keep in touch with loved ones back home.

If you are feeling charitable and just want to turn in your old phone for a good cause then Verizon has a program called HopeLine. They donate phones to domestic violence shelters and other non-profit organizations. The victims can use the phones to talk to family, their work and school.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like donating your old cell phone to a charity organization to bring happiness and relief to someone else.

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